Successful service design?


Service Design is the magic word
Column of Dr. Roland Zegg

While already its first scientific papers were puplished in the US in 1982, currently the “movement” appears all over the place: SERVICE DESIGN is the magic word that has landed in Continental Europe too, with the usual delay. Behind this term something seemingly familiar might be concealed, which in some cases triggers a derogatory comment „long ago“.

Many training institutes, hospitality colleges and further education in service design compete for service-oriented personal in Swiss tourism: they all should become a committed, cosmopolitan specialist. As “Service Designers” they are dedicated to successfully develop the services in the tourism and service sector. True and strict customer orientation should strengthen the position in a globally competitive tourist world.

Indeed, the need for action is there. Declining numbers of guests in hotels and destinations, climate change, changing customer needs and difficult international markets are challenging. Even in the up to now technology-oriented mountain railway sector, a trend away from the pure transport company to a guest-oriented experience supplier can be observed.

But does service design really have the potential for a turnaround in the hotel, tourism and mountain railway sector and its approximately 200,000 full-time employees?

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