We can bike ourselves, but we can also do calculations. As “mountain railway experienced” business economists, we think that a bike offer must be well considered.

We know which returns are possible from which bike offer. We know the costs for the construction and maintenance of trails. We know how much it costs to operate a mountain railway. We understand who should plan, finance, create and operate a bike offer.

The grischconsulta team is strongly networked with mountain railways, tourism organisations and the bike scene in the Alpine region.



– Business analysis of the planned bike offer, analysis of the planned investments
– Detailed elaboration of a bike strategy with business plan, preparation of plan income                statement, investment and financing requirements
– Conception of the funding body / organisational and financing structure
– Recommended actions from grischconsulta
– Project management, moderation of workshops and negotiation management


Facts about biking:

RETURN: The average yield per biker is usually higher than for hikers, but the transport capacities with bikers are limited: Three bikers (with bikes) need as much space in a gondola as eight hikers.

TRAILS: The planning and construction of trails is complex and the annual maintenance costs are underestimated. Trails that are not professionally built and poorly maintained no longer have any reason to exist.

COSTS IN THE RAILWAY: Depending on the type of railway, high conversion costs and/or additional personnel costs for the transport of the bikes are to be expected.

POSITIONING AND TARGET GROUPS: There is neither the downhill biker, who only rides in the bike park, nor the enduro biker, who only rides on single trails. And besides: Bigger is not always better.


Your contact:

Roland Zegg, E-mail

Phone +41 (0) 81 354 98 00


Roland Zegg, respectively grischconsulta, accompanied the development and strategic orientation of the bike destination Lenzerheide from the beginning – today the top destination of the Swiss bike scene. And recently the profitability audit of a larger bike park in a well-known destination in Tyrol was carried out.

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