Mountain Railways

grischconsulta offers over 30 years of experience as an independent consultant in the mountain railway industry.

We recognize the needs of our clients because we share a common language and know the working environment. Furthermore we present efficient and reliable facts without requiring long preperation time, which provides the basis for a solid decision-making.

We know that the success of concepts/strategies depend on the cooperation of our clients. It is important that the clients participate at the approach of finding solutions, so they can identify with them. In combination with the broad experience from a wide variety of projects, we offer practical and methodological approaches for understanding the existing situation and problems. On that base, we develop appropriate solutions.

We support our clients on the entire path of the process – from the solution until concepts are established and measures are implemented.

Our Services

  • Independent, objective management consultancy according to a systemic approach: Analysis of situation, formulation of goals, solution approach, evaluation, decision making process
    • Master plans and concepts for ski and leisure areas
    • Strategy consulting, positioning, business plans
    • Organizational consulting, financial restructuring, reorganization, cooperations, mergers, sales
  • Sector-specific strategies, promotion strategies, regional development programs
  • Project implementation and monitoring
  • Moderation of workshops, negotiations, coaching


  • Mountain railway and transport companies
  • Owners of mountain railways, municipalities, cantons, federal states / provinces
    • Partners of mountain railways, destinations, tourism organizations
    • Public sector (cantons and federal states), stakeholders (associations), financing entities (cantons, regions, banks)

Our Area of Activity

We mainly operate in the alpine countries of Switzerland, Germany, Austria and Italy. We also provide consulting services for enterprises throughout Europe and overseas.

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