Second Homes

grischconsulta is the leader in the topic of second homes in the alpine region because of its experience from the holiday and second home study in the Upper Engadin, the pioneer study of Davos and the survey of the municipality of Zuoz.


Our Services

  • Efficiency analysis of existing regional basic data and information on holiday and second homes
  • Organization and implementation of comprehensive, destination-specific surveys among owners and renters of holiday and second homes using a specially developed survey concept
  • In a nutshell:
    • Clear and simple evaluation and interpretation of the survey results
    • Significant projection
    • Calculation of value creation
  • Best-practice comparison with other destinations
  • Elaboration and development of destination-specific “holiday and second-home strategies” with tangible measures and recommendations for action
  • Efficient project management, goal-orientated implemenation support, holistic coaching in process
  • Current presentations / lectures
  • Pionieer-Study: “Holiday and Second Homes in Davos”



  • Municipalities, tourism organizations
  • Regions, cantons, federal states
  • Second Home owners’ organizations (clubs, associations)


For more information or free quotations please contact:
Roland Zegg, E-mail
Telephone +41 (0)81 354 98 00



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