Snowmaking and climate

The Alps are particularly affected by climate change. In the mountains, temperatures have increased stronger than global average. And even in the best-case scenario, it will become considerably warmer in the coming decades. This will not be without consequences for winter tourism. Inevitably, there are questions like…

  • Is it still cold enough for snowmaking and how will it look like in 15 to 20 years?
  • Is there enough water available?
  • How can we improve snow-management?
  • How can we optimise energy and water consumption?
  • Would snow storage (snow farming) be an option for a snow offer regardless of weather conditions?

With the expertise of Thomas Grünewald grischconsulta has expanded its consulting portfolio and is now able to answer these questions independently and competently. Thomas has a strong background in the fields of climate, snowmaking, snow-management and snow farming. Among others, he gained his knowledge as a researcher at WSL Institute for Snow and Avalanche Research, SLF and at SCHNEEZENTRUM TYROL.

Hence, grischconsulta now offers consulting and expertise in the fields of climate, snowmaking, snow-management, and snow farming.

Our services include (information in German):

  1. Individual consulting related to snow and climate
  2. Evaluation of local climatic conditions for snowmaking
  3. Calculation of the available water for snowmaking
  4. Consultations related to snow-management
  5. Expertise for snow farming projects


Your contact:
Dr. Thomas Grünewald, E-mail
Phone +41 (0) 81 354 98 00

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