Energy Management

We are a center of expertise and consultancy for mountain railways with comprehensive services in the field of energy management. As an independent consulting firm, we illustrate how mountain railways can reduce their energy costs regarding rising energy prices in future and ecological aspects.

The grischconsulta energy management activities embrace four fields

  1. Reduce of energy consumption: Maximize energy efficiency / Reducing operations when not needed
  2. Cheaper energy purchase: Optimization of procurement / Optimization of peak load management
  3. Production of own energy: Energy recovery / Alternative energy sources
  4. The use of energy measures as a marketing tool


Our Services

Energy Check

  • Analysis of the current situation (building envelope and equipment, transport equipment, snowmaking, vehicles)
  • Highlighting of specific savings
  • Estimation of potential own energy production

Specialized Support

  • Elaboration of possible energy-saving measures, development of a list of priorities
  • Review of the energy efficiency of planned investments (equipment, facilities, buildings, etc.)
  • Assistance in the realization or implementation of projects or facilities
  • Monitoring of performance after implementation, analysis of operational data (energy balance and controlling)

Greenhouse Gas Emissions (CO2 Emissions)

  • Creation of a CO2 balance
  • Advice and assistance in refund of the CO2 tax

Marketing and Communication

  • Effective use of concepts and measures for energy management as a marketing tool

Workshop / Lectures / Trainings

  • Energy management in corporations
  • Awareness and opportunities of employees in energy management
  • Current topics relating to energy management, energy efficiency requirements, electricity market, etc.


Contact at grischconsulta:

Edgar Grämiger, E-mail
Telephone +41 (0)81 354 98 00

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